Chateau des Gimarets Cote Chalonaise

Château des Gimarets, The roots of an exclusive soil The…

Château des Gimarets,
The roots of an exclusive soil

The Château des Gimarets farms 4,4 hectares of vines exclusively Moulin à Vent AOC guaranteed vintages. On an average age of 45 years, these vines benefit from an exceptional East-South sunlight, allowing the estate to be one of most renowned in the region.

Château des Gimarets is owned by the family Boyer, who has embarked on an ambitious plan to further improve the quality of the wines. With their nature-conscious wine growing, the property now enjoys upgraded facilities. Adjacent to the vineyards, the winery has been reinstalled in a 17th century part of the building, completely re-designed to meet the requirements of the estate size. Supported by their owners, who follow a sustained farming, the Château des Gimarets has regained its status of a high quality wine.

Appellation Moulin à Vent, A land full of history

The region of Beaujolais was first cultivated by the Romans who planted the areas along their trading route up the Saône Valley.

They had already planted different wine varietals. Since the Middle Ages the Gamay varietal has become the grape variety in Beaujolais.

At the Château des Gimarets, for an optimal safe storage and a better sorting, the harvest continues to be done by hand.
The harvested grapes will then be transported to the winery, located in a wing of the building dedicated to this purpose.

The wine is therefore made with full or destemmed grapes according to the soils. Then, it will be raised partly in concrete tanks or in oak barrels in the 17th century cellars.

The bottling is done at the property in late spring, after a selection of the best vintages done by the owners and the cellar master.