Domaine Serre des Vignes Rhone

The Grignan-Les Adhemar AOC (previously Coteaux de Tricastin) is the…

The Grignan-Les Adhemar AOC (previously Coteaux de Tricastin) is the northernmost wine-growing AOC in the southern area of the Rhone wine region of France. The wines are produced in 21 communes in the department of Drome on the east bank of the Rhône River in a triangle bounded by Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateau , Montelimar, and Grignan; opposite the Cotes du Vivarais AOC on the right bank.

The Domaine in its current form was created in 1994 by the youthful and intense Jerome Roux, following in the footsteps of two preceding generations of winemakers, who were also heavily involved in the production of fruit. Jerome was joined by his cousin Vincent shortly after finishing his wine studies. Since then they have not looked back. By 2003 they were receiving regular plaudits for their wines and creating some 250 hectoliters of wine per year. The Rouxs have been at the forefront of increasing the quality image of the appellation.