Welcome to Golden Vines

Golden Vines is a wine importing company that focuses on wine made by real people, not corporations. We look for wines made in the more traditional, “old school” way. We work with winemakers who are non-interventionist and believe the important work is done in the vineyards, not in the cellar. We view everyone we work with – from wine directors to retailers, from producers to wine drinkers – as partners in this venture. This website is a tool that all of those partners can use to learn about our portfolio of wines as well as wines in general. We believe that the more you know about what’s in your glass, the more fun it is to sell, and to drink! Golden Vines is our dream, and we invite you to join us on our quest to make it a reality.

Anthony & Ben

  • IMG_6328
    12 Jan
    Catching you up….

    We at Golden Vines wear many hats to keep our…

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  • 71195882-FD4F-4793-AAE8-9A7388D38AD6
    12 Jun
    One year later and boy have times changed….

    It took us some time to find the correct words…

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  • The GV Boys and Fred Peterson
    29 May
    California here we….came!!!

    Well it finally happened after much discussion we finally ventured…

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