Our Mission

Golden Vines was created for you — the wine lover, wine drinker, wine novice, wine geek, wine connoisseur, the person who enjoys drinking wine and does not want a wine-related title.

Ben and Anthony at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center on Nov 15, 2013

Ben and Anthony at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center on Nov 15, 2013

While selling wine at the retail level we were astonished by the number of customers who told us they were intimidated by wine and afraid to ask “stupid” wine questions. Listening to our customers, we realized there was something missing in the relationship between the consumer and the importer.

We wish to talk TO the consumer, not down to the consumer. We believe in wine expression, not wine pretension. We started this company because there are no stupid wine questions. In fact we encourage questions: we want people to discover, to learn, to ask us questions, to watch educational videos, because we understand that the more you know about wine, the more you appreciate what’s in your glass.

We are storytellers, as anyone who has spent a long night drinking wine with either one of us will attest. Golden Vines is the platform that enables us to share stories with millions of wine drinkers. Every time you drink a glass of wine you become an integral part in a long, interesting and often complex story.IMG_2734

The story of a wine often begins before any vines are even planted. The story can begin when the Italian architect returns to his native village to replant vines in an area once famous for winemaking but now mostly abandoned. Or it could begin when Vincent takes back the family land that his ancestors farmed to make wine in the middle ages but was later converted into a fruit orchard. It is this intersection of people, history and land that create the plot for a story that will unfold. The winemaker passes the story on to you when he sells you that bottle of wine. When you drink that special wine, surrounded by friends, the story does not end – it continues with the addition of a new character: you.2015-02-02 19.12.33 small-grapes