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Bricco Maiolica, Italy

Langhe Nebbiolo

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From the same vineyards which give birth to the highly sought after “Cumot” Nebbiolo, Bricco Maiolica created a young, elegant and soft wine for easy consumption.
Aged in steel and wood for about ten months, it is then bottled in the July following its harvest. It matches with a simple cooking and it is suitable throughout the meal.
Best served at 16/18°C, in order to appreciate the organoleptic characteristics related to the youth and the fragrance of the fruit .
100% Nebbiolo grapes.
3,5 ha “Cumot” vineyards (about 20.000 bottles).
Planted in 1983 and 1995.
Facing south-east (350 -380 metres above sea level).
Ruby colored.
Fruity bouquet with hints of raspberry, strawberry and red currant.
Smooth flavour, fresh and delicate with mild tannins.