Palazzo Tronconi Lazio

About eight years ago, Marco Marrocco, a young budding mechanical…

About eight years ago, Marco Marrocco, a young budding mechanical engineer and owner of an elevator company in Lazio, found his interests were changing and decided to embark on a new adventure.

After completing his studies in agriculture at the University of Tuscia and a period of study in Bordeaux, he began his experience as a vine grower with 1 hectare of land, which quickly became the soul of his business. He named his new company “Palazzo Tronconi” and his dream began to take shape: going back to the land, recovering old vines and producing biodynamic wines. Marco partnered up with Gaetano Ciolfi, a professor of enology at the University of Tuscia, and Carlo Noro, one of the leading European experts in biodynamic agriculture. Marco, influenced by the long history of the town of Arce and the surrounding area in Lazio, uses the local names for his wines in the hopes of reflecting this deep history in the wine itself. Arce was cited in two letters of Cicero, one written to his brother Quintus, the other one to his friend Titus Pomponius Atticus. Cicero speaks of the territory “Arcanum” and Villa Arcana, located near the Latin colony of Fregellae, founded by the Romans in 328 BC. And so Fregellae takes its name from an ancient Roman colony and is a blend of three white grape varieties: Capolongo, Pampanaro and Maturano, while Zitore is made of Lecinaro and dedicated to Marco’s grandfather, Salvatore. Other varietals grown by Palazzo Tronconi are those typical of the little town of Arce: Lecinaro, Capolongo, Pampanaro and Maturano Bianco, Maturano Nero and the Ulivello Nero.