Domaine de L’amaurigue South of France

Domaine de l’Amaurigue has been owned by the De Groot…

Domaine de l’Amaurigue has been owned by the De Groot Family since 1998. Dick and Eugénie as well as their two children, Fleur and Melvin, fell in love with the charms of this exceptional property. The winemaker of L’Amaurigue, Jean Marie Quef’s parents were the caretakers of the Miraval estate and he grew up there.
Originally, l’Amaurigue was a farm built in 1786 and the estate was mainly made up of forests. The first vines were planted in the 1960s thanks to the owners at that time, the Excoffon family, who selected the best varieties to be planted on the best parcels of the estate.

L’Amaurigue is situated in the heart of Provence, 40 km north of St Tropez, in a small hilly valley situated between 2 villages; Cabasse and le Luc en Provence. This is one of the best vineyard sites in Provence, helping to produce seriously delicious Rose; on clay-limestone soil . The vines are grown using sustainable agriculture, exclusively organic fertilizers. 
All the work in the vines is done according to the domaine’s philosophy which is to respect our soils and our nature and try to get the best out of it.