Sanfeletto Veneto

The motto at Sanfeletto is “Wine has always been our passion”


IMG_2135SANFELETTO is located in the heart of the charming hillside ridge that, from Conegliano and up along the Pedemontana route to Valdobbiadene, circumscribes the production area of Prosecco DOC.
A landscape of luxuriant hills, where the smell of wine is always in the air, as vines have been grown here from time immemorial.
SANFELETTO, for three generations, has been growing, harvesting and making wine exclusively with the best grapes, by selecting them from the most valuable vineyards.

The winery, owned by the Ceschin family, was founded at the beginning of the last century by Emilio, who grew his vineyard with passion and perseverance and sold the wine he had produced to the inns and taverns of the Marca Gioiosa, he himself carrying it in little wooden barrels on a horse-pulled cart. In 1930 his nephew Rino succeeded him and ran the company with enthusiasm and devotion for 60 years. It is currently ran by his son Paolo together with his wife Imelda.


SANFELETTO produces wine by using their own grapes as well as those produced by a “handful” of loyal, small, passionate, local growers who have become part of the family as faithful suppliers.

The high quality wine is a direct result of the scrupulous attention devoted to the vineyards. The selected cultivars, the modern plants for a drastic reduction of grape yield per understock, the extremely limited use of natural fertilizers and a scrupulous phytosanitary control are indispensable conditions in order to obtain an excellent product.

The ripe grapes obtained in this way are hand-picked and laid into boxes before undergoing the wine-making procedure, in which modern production technology combines with the best oenological tradition.
The scrupulous pursuit of quality,  is  found in every phase of wine production, from froth taking in bubbling and sparkling wines, from ageing in large barrels and barriques for red wines up to the scrupulous care in bottling and preserving the end product at controlled temperature.